Book Club Penguins - Book 6 Membership: The Cuckoo Sister by Alison Stockham

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    What's Included: 

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    The Book: 

    • The Cuckoo Sister by Alison Stockham

    You want your sister to have all her heart desires.

    But – what if she wants your children?

    Maggie has everything her sister Rose always wanted. A handsome husband and two adorable children, Emily and Elliot.

    But what Rose doesn’t see is that Maggie is struggling. Every day is a fog of sleep loss and mess made by two tiny children. Left alone in her distress by husband Stephen, Maggie drifts ever closer to the edge.

    When Maggie finally cracks, walking out one day and not returning, Rose is right there to step into the breach . . .

    You trust your sister to look after your children. But should you?

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