Kerzon Paris Liquid Hand & Body Soap La Soleil


For fans of fresh sensations, Le Soleil liquid soap’s natural formulation gently awakens the entire family’s skin by providing a daily dose of stimulating energy. 

High summer, it shines on the skin with silky touches of peach, coco and almond milk, its ylang-ylang and jasmine water heart, on a background of Australian sandalwood, musk and Indonesian patchouli.

Natural and delicately perfumed, Kerzon’s artisanal liquid soap is made in the heart of French Provence with extracts of natural olive and coconut vegetal oils, which are featured for their protective, nourishing virtues.

Crafted to clean all types of skin, its smooth texture soothes and comforts with every wash.

It is the ideal soap for everyday head-to-toe body care, covering your skin with subtle hints.

Biodegradable and made with respect for the environment, this brilliant soap comes from nature and returns to it without leaving a trace.

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